Yemen traditional clothing. Women from the North Yemen in traditional clothing with intricately tied headdresses.

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Adib, Naziha, Ferdous al-Mukhtar, et al.

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Qabilis tribesmen control their territory and caravan routes, own arable land that most of them cultivate, and carry weapons.

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Arabs in Exile:

Futa is also used mostly by tribal people from the North.

The veil is worn more because of traditional beliefs, but sometimes, it is worn in order to avoid harassment on the streets or because members of their family tell them to do so.

Division of Labor by Gender.

There are choral ritual processions, tribal call songs, special types of regional songs, and local and strata dances.

Arabia and the Isles

Yemenis prepare special dishes and sweets for nightly breaks during the Ramadan fast.

Yemenis still practice traditional handicrafts such as silver and copperwork, dagger manufacturing, carpentry, boat building, pottery, weaving and dyeing, wickerwork, and leather tanning.