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The smarter athletes have realised the limitations of pure sex appeal and now focus on offering link ping sex personal brand that is attractive, intelligent and an excellent role model with on field and off field behaviour.

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Ana Ivanovic has been tipped as the next big thing and the year-old attracted a loyal cheer squad in Melbourne that was not there just because she can play tennis.

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In response to officials' admission that "physical attractiveness is taken into consideration" when making court assignments at Wimbledon, some commentators actually argued that there's nothing wrong with using sex to sell women's sports, but research suggests otherwise.

They are very well-meaning but they also want to distance themselves from the lesbian label.

Even in high schools, cheerleaders are often represented as small cliques of attractive girls even if this is of course, not indicative of the sport in general.

At the core of both stereotypes is the idea that athleticism is inherently masculine.

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