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Adnexa Ovaries Follicles corpus hemorrhagicum luteum albicans Theca of follicle externa interna Follicular antrum Follicular fluid Corona radiata Zona pellucida Membrana granulosa Perivitelline space.

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Even a single episode of PID can cause infertility, due to scarring that blocks the uterine tubes.

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Humans have a high level of sexual differentiation.

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Upon successful fertilization and implantation, gestation of the fetus then occurs within the female's uterus for approximately nine months, this process is known as pregnancy in humans.

Little thought apparently has been devoted to the nature of female genitals in general, likely accounting for the reason that most people use incorrect terms when referring to female external genitals.

Furthermore, there is not always bleeding at first vaginal penetration.

When the foetus has developed to a certain point, pregnancy is concluded with childbirthinvolving labor.

Vulva disease.

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