Women sex histidine. Cultivated in South America for over 3, years, Maca improves sexual function in both men and women, and promotes healthy ovulation in women.

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Every people and culture has its own idea of which foods may increase romantic feelings or be associated with fertility.

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We can accept that our knees might be a bit stiffer, our back gets sore in bed, or hollywood actress real sex scene hair starts going grey, but the great unspoken fact is that these are not the only bits that start to show signs of age.

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In a loving relationship, intimacy should not always be about erections or ejaculation.

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It is estimated that over half of men over the age of 40 have, or will have, some problems with erectile dysfunction.

However, simply relying on pills to correct all your health problems is a very short term approach to health.

Ashwagandha should not be taken during any phase of pregnancy, as its safety for pregnant women has not been established.

By and large it is histamines that regulate ejaculations and orgasms Men suffering from premature ejaculations often show increased histamine activity.

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Damiana is an energy tonic, a stimulator of muscle contractions that helps ease the effects of hot flashes.