Why do people want to cheat. But addressing them will bring you closer, while cheating will probably bring you farther apart.

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Of course, many couples come to the conclusion that their relationship has run its course—with the affair being a symptom of what was wrong, rather than the cause.

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Feeling unvalued or neglected can lead to infidelity in both sexes, but is more common in women.

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If your partner is likely to find out about your affair or if you feel like your relationship with them is over, telling them is the best course of action, according to Edelman.

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Then, I met someone who wanted to have sex with me and we had a two-month-long affair and it was hot.

Problems in the marital relationship can also be a risk factor for cheating.

Exit Strategy.

There are also those who crave the high of getting caught - the illicit act of cheating is like a drug - and can sometimes be used as a way of coping much in the way drugs are used.

So what now?