Where do they get holy water. However, if your water is obtained natural, filter it beforehand -- you don't want dirty holy water!

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There are other intentions for rainwater, however.

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Epiphany Water is my favorite brand of holy water.

Once you have obtained your natural water and prepared it properly, there are several prayers that must take place.

Throughout the centuries, there have been many springs of water that have been believed by members of the Orthodox Church to be miraculous.

On a similar note, I was told it was okay to allow my children to use the holy water upon entering the Church

In Wicca and other ceremonial magic traditions, a bowl of salt is blessed and a small amount is stirred into a bowl of water that has been ritually purified.

Martini", II, xxxix; "Mirac.

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits:

No, holy water is not a magic charm.