When a man kisses your hand meaning. You would agree with me that if all men knew how to express their feelings by talking it would make things easier on our side.

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Also anything I say is ok with him.

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A man kissing you by your eye is telling you that he loves you and the way you see the world.

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Although some people believe that such a gesture promises separation.

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Then, a slight side-to-side rubbing motion is performed.

Abroad, it is customary to greet your acquaintances with a kiss on the cheek.

So look into his eyes and see what your soul hears.

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He keeps patting me on my head all the time.

Obviously, this full body cuddle can indicate a lot.

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In the Philippines and Indonesia, hand kissing is a kind of greeting to an elder individual of both genders.

This is when your guy kisses you upside down.