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What to say to a guy to get him back. He said I am going to see my friend.

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It sounds simple, but if you are the reason that your relationship fell apart — a genuine apology can go a long way.

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Then we went our separate ways…but not before I got pregnant and had his child.

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When the band ultimately finished playing he then posited the same question to the audience, how attractive do you think each of the band members are?

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Janine, there is no perfect timing except when the action is taken.

He emailed me back saying he had thought of getting back and was almost convinced and then when he got my email he was thankful now he thought twice.

Began working oneself with NC and therapy and what a difference only 12 days makes.

Thanks Chris!

Of course, if you have ever had this experience you would know that they follow you wherever you go.

Actually when it comes to relationships research suggests the opposite is true.