What to do after you ve cheated. I did not have sex with her husband.

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So please tell me why i should give her another chance or forgive her,please??

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So, if you've got wandering eyes, tread lightly so you can avoid making a hurtful decision.

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I was really confused as in why would he do that, and Burmese sex movies read threads online about that, saying that it could be out of boredom or also that he likes to look.

Now the current girlfriend is devastated and so am I.

In some situations, you might choose forgiveness.

Every relationship has issues, but fighting regularly is not a healthy behavior.

If, after a while, you understand what motivated your partner to cheat.

Hi Rachel, It sounds like your partner has really hurt you and violated the boundaries of the relationship multiple times.

So I gave her another chance.

We hope to hear from you soon.