What makes oral sex on women taste better. Yogurt must contain active live cultures to neutralize the taste of the vagina.

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Eating one four-ounce serving of yogurt a day helps add probiotics to the body and maintain a healthy balance of good bacteria in your nether regions.

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If you want to conduct your own experiment, review the scientific method and do it right!

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But, guys, unless you're ready to change your lifestyles as well, I suggest we all be a little understanding.

There were mixed reviews concerning fish, red meat, dairy, and beer.

Because according to societal aesthetic standards, we're essentially supposed to hardly even have a vagina for that matter.

Or, just make peace with the fact that it's all probably fine down there, anyway.

So, while good hygiene will certainly improve the overall oral experience for a guy's partner, it won't make the result any more palatable.

The taste of semen has been commonly described as bitter or salty.

Queen had some other handy tips to make a tasty pussy:

Pineapple and Oral Sex The foods you eat affect the taste of bodily secretions, so they can have an effect on oral sex.