What is the purpose of a placebo. Placebo-controlled trials are never appropriate when a highly effective or potentially curative therapy is available for a patient.

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However, a placebo-controlled trial may be ethically acceptable, even if proven therapy is available, under the following circumstances:.

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Even inactive treatment has repeatedly demonstrated a measurable, positive health response.

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In many trials, no one—not even the research team—knows who gets the treatment, the placebo, or another intervention.

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Many researchers think that treatment earlier in the disease process may help prevent or delay dementia.

While some substances, like alcohol or benzodiazepines, can cause life-threatening problems like seizures during withdrawal, other types of withdrawal are uncomfortable but not dangerous.

Doctors around the world use placebos for clinical purposes due to their effects on a range of illnesses.

Moerman, D.

We report on a talk at this year's Wired Health, the annual conference on technological developments and their applications in healthcare.

It studies the direct effect of brain activity on the immune system.

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This result was disappointing, but scientists gained a wealth of information to inform future research.

A trial finds that both web- and telephone-based cognitive behavioral therapy relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome better than standard care alone.