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With its varied climatethe country attracts both winter and summer sports enthusiasts.

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With attract comes the sense that the pull you feel towards someone or something is not entirely voluntary.

The Network The unique forum convening public and private sector leaders for networking, intelligence and debates on research and innovation.

More examples The mud flats attract large numbers of birds.

If the operation has been skilfully performed the ring will have no poles and will not attract iron filings.

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Magnets attract iron filings.

Adopting the profession of an advocate, he came to Constantinople and practised in the prefectural courts there, reaching such eminence as to attract the notice of the emperor Justinian, who appointed him in one of the ten commissioners directed to prepare the first Codex of imperial homemade housewife sex video.

Johns also tells Romper that seeking people that are on the same level as you is a good way to attract more interest, too.