What are some examples of procrastination. We blame the situation — even though if we were motivated enough, we could make it the right time — right now.

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Second, it may surprise you, but working through a tough task can actually be a mood enhancer.

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When we acknowledge what it is we tend to procrastinate on the most, we better prepare ourselves to overcome that procrastination in the future.

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If you are a self-confessed perfectionist, then you sex in a pillory find it difficult to take action unless you know you can do a job with which you will be totally satisfied.

Second, it could be that the task is a preventative or routine measure.

Did you produce your best work?

Amanda Black June 29, at 6:

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This excuse can take several forms.

I am looking forward to trying some of your tips today!

This becomes a problem when you have to try something new, or different to what you are used to.