Was cooley high a true story. If you watch "Cooley High", you will see that many, many films have copied various elements from it in order to strengthen their own films.

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The ending is quite powerful and serious, and the film has a great Motown soundtrack.

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This is one of the films that inspired to become a filmaker.

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And Robert Townsend is an extra, as a basketball player in gym class.

The film never gets boring because all the characters are so well played and realistic, and the situations are all believable and relatable.

The crew members were looking for realistic gang members to be a part of the cast, so after being tipped off by police, producers offered Stone and his sidekick Norman Gibson, who played the character of Sex spark in the film, a role in the free mommy sex pics.

The scene where Pooter another one of Preach and Cochise's friends go to the zoo with them and gets the gorilla's feces thrown on his shirt very gross, but funny as wellthe first scene in the street corner toasty from flava of love, the quarter party at this girl's house which became a disaster due to a fight, and some others are wonderful to watch.

Together, the vengeful trio corner him and beat him straight to a bloody pulp, leaving him for dead.

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