Victims of psychopaths support groups. Getting out is not easy because of the dependency that the manipulator creates in you.

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I have compiled YouTube Videos, resources, an expert list that are easily arranged by topic to help your journey.

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You are better off out of the relationship and away from the psychopath and the sooner the better.

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You might lose your confidence, doubt yourself, blame yourself and find yourself in a very dark place.

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What makes a Psychopath go away?

It doesn't matter what you think the benefit may be, the price you pay for that is too high.

This manual will give you a different perspective!

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It persists and causes all sorts of problems.

As a participant, you will be asked about a specific time frat sex clips someone you suspect to be high in psychopathic traits made you question your memory for a past event.

Has anyone written an article or book on the subject?