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Vegita and bulma sex episode. Satan challenges Cell and boasts that he will defeat him.

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Goku prepares to congratulate the two, but Trunks reveals he's from the future.

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After they have sex, Bulma asks Vegeta where his condom is, to which Vegeta replies that he has no idea what that is.

The stinger consists of Piccolo and Goku driving cars.

Bulma and Vegeta's lovemaking at the end of the story is how most fans of the original DBZ thought Trunks was conceived.

Bulma and Briefs are shocked by this, and Bulma also shows a bomb inside

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Satan challenges Cell and boasts that he will defeat him.

Separate names with a comma.

Goku then questions if the medicine is grape flavored, which surprisingly isn't his favorite flavor, and Trunks lies that it's bacon flavored.