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Instead, squeeze a small amount into your hand, warm it by rubbing with your fingers, then caress your lover or yourself with your lubricated fingers.

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Furthermore, anus does not have its own lubrication like vaginal mucosa, and therefore Vaseline may not be enough to make the anal intercourse pleasurable enough.

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Silicone-based lubricants don't stain bed linens, and they wash off with soap and water.

They're inexpensive and won't stain bed linens, and small amounts can be ingested safely during oral sex.

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These lubes are essentially intimate adaptations of good old WD

The main reason being that this kind of lubrication works best when you use it with condoms.

Personal lubricants intended for use during sexual intercourse are your best lube option.

Benefits of Using Vaseline as a Sex Lube Vaseline is very gentle to the skin and mucosaand it really does a good work when it comes to lubrication.