Uranium 238 decay series. It is well

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Data from this experiment is currently being analyzed at Yale.

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It is used in thermonuclear weapons for the purpose of encasing the fusion fuel which helps to make the weapon more powerful.

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The U data were obtained by thermal ionization mass spectrometry on more than samples from the Death Valley regional flow system.

For each observing season, we obtained between 5 to 7 independent Doppler images, one per stellar rotation, making up a total of 36 maps.

These strong correlations between the pilot study done for Mt.

The amman in sex of thermally induced decaysexcitations and ionization were calculated for S- P- and D- series of Rydberg states in the Fues' model potential approach.

Work to measure the.

Actinides and fission products by half-life v t e.

National Nuclear Data Center.

Thorium is the next radioactive substance in the decay process of Uranium