free couple sex stories explaining the dynamics and personalities that shaped decisions and politics surrounding the financial and auto bailouts, the stimulus, and, most centrally, the push to pass healthcare reform.">

The promise president obama year one. Obama's Wars.

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The author is lightly critical of the President, but you are able to get a real sense of how Obama's mind works and his vision for the country.

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I'm usually skeptical of the value of current events books written on such a short timetable, but Alter's account is deeply reported and compellingly written.

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Barack Obama may be struggling to right the listing economy, but he has stimulated a remarkable growth spurt in at least one battered sector.

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Jonathan Alter details the actions taken by the Obama administration through the year

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Aug 15, Richard Harden rated it it was amazing.

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It is also clear the journalist is quite biased in favor of the Obama administration.