Swedish family sex. Local authority childcare services came in for heavy subsidies as well.

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Parental benefits are paid out for days approximately 16 months for one child.

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Television programing in sex education began in the s.

The aim of the gender equality bonus is to improve the conditions for gender equality in parental leave and participation in working life by providing economic incentives for equal leave sharing:

The legal framework surrounding marriage and union dissolution was thoroughly reformed in when the Act respecting entry into and dissolution of marriage replaced the marriage code of which made a wedding ceremony compulsory.

In rare cases of separation, the court may, however, decide that the partner most in need of the common home will be the one who keeps it but this mainly applies if there are young children in the household.

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Alongside the physical expansion of capacity, there was an ideological offensive, the importance of which, if not also its deliberate intention, was to reduce any possible emotional resistance existing against leaving children in local authority care.

Byall Swedish children were receiving sex education in school.