Spike and buffy sex stories. Spike didn't bother with the light as he placed Buffy crossways on the queen bed.

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His wisecrack was cut short by her lips crashing into his.

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Buffy is alone with a bottle of champagne.

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Her fingers moved to his inner thighs, tickling down and up one side, then the other.

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It starts dark, but ends pretty light.

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Right now, Angelus and I need to chat.

Spike's magic tongue took away the pain long enough for her to be able to think, but her mind was quickly becoming clouded with pleasure.

Buffy writhed on the ground as Spike smirked down at her prone form, "Need a little help there, luv?

Chapter 2:

It was as if they were inside a pocket of time that was removed from the real world.

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I'll give you what you want if you just say please.