Snake have sex. He thinks polyandry — in which each female mates with multiple males — is likely to be the ancestral sexy owmen system in snakes.

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Probing a snake should only be done if you have someone to hold your snake still, have appropriately sized snake probes, and the confidence to presidents having sex this carefully and correctly.

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If it is a male, it will drop in an average of nine to fifteen scales.

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However, to come back to where we started, male anacondas may not want to stick around for too long after sex:

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This is not the preferred manner of determining the sex of a snake since it is difficult to do.

When she is willing, she raises her tail.

Sexual cannibalism probably provides female anacondas with a lot of nutrients, which would be useful because inflagranti sex parade fast for seven months while pregnant.

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A study also found that maternal body size can influence the young's immune systems.

However, the garter snakes only do this in certain places.