Sleep apnea sex. Male sexual dysfunction may be associated with a variety of causes including age, medical comorbidities, genitourinary disorders, cardiovascular disease, and psychiatric disorders.

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I'm not surprised to hear that there is potential for the effectiveness to decline over time as a person adapts, that was my biggest fear with the Provigil, that it would become ineffective over time.

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I'm sorry to hear your are back to the life of the sleep deprived.

While any new medical diagnosis can be jarring, some confidence should be gained in knowing that treatment is available.

And above all, getting the proper diagnosis and discussing the right treatment plan will work wonders, both for your health and your sexual mojo.

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Just because they are overweight doesn't mean a whole lot.

After a sleep study and use of a CPAP I do not sore My energy level was completely restored and have uninterrupted sleep.

I still fight with to little or to much air pressure during the night.