Sharp headache after sex. Treatments that have been used for primary headache associated with sexual activity include indomethacin, triptans and propranolol.

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Sex headaches are no joke.

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But the pains themselves are not typically 'migrainous' in nature.

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For future prevention, it may help to take a more passive role during sexual activity and approach sex in a more relaxed way.

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This specialist will examine your central nervous system, and probably arrange a CT scan of your brain and maybe an angiography.

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Sexual headache Other names Coital cephalalgia Specialty Neurology Sexual headaches are a type of headache that occur in the skull and neck during sexual activityincluding masturbation or orgasm.

Primary headache associated with sexual activity.

They may perform a:.

For some patients, the headaches may be related to general exertion.