Sex with black men and white women. Proportion of weeks in an exclusive partnership is calculated by dividing the number of journals in which the respondent reported being in an exclusive partnership by her total number of journals.

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Concurrency, STI prevalence, and heterogeneity in partner selection.

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Table 5 presents the results from Poisson regression models of instability in contraceptive use and method Hypothesis 4.

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Proportion of partnered weeks was calculated by dividing the number of weekly journals in which the respondent identified a partner by her total number of journals.

There was a widely held belief that uncontrollable lust threatens the purity of the nation.

OLS or Poisson regression results of relationships and sex on race and sociodemographic characteristics.

The results presented in this article were comparable with those that included the remaining non-Hispanic groups either with whites or as a separate category.

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Further, we find that net of race and adolescent experiences with sex and pregnancy, women from more-disadvantaged backgrounds had fewer and longer and thus potentially more serious relationships, used contraception less frequently but not less consistentlyand used less effective methods condoms than women from more-advantaged backgrounds.

Enrolled in postsecondary education at age 18—