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The act of two male bodies' double-penetrating a female, wherein the female serves as the meat between the two men, each of whose erect penises is gain sexual stamina within the female, one in her anus and the other in her vagina.

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His face is never captured during the sexual encounter, but his penis, which rowan blanchard sexy out the slit of his underwear, is not only visible but slathered in mayonnaise and lettuce as he performs his masturbatory act.

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He argued a bit about how much better it felt without Ed note:

See if you can write a piece without mentioning BBQ, dogs, the local sheriff, chewing tobacco, bubbas pop coolers, and pickups.

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The sex sandwich is often regarded as one of the hottest sexual positions that can be achieved.

Dan and Keith enjoyed a sex sandwich with Katie last night before simultaneously cumming on the young blonde's face.