Sex when dancing. The teachers here have worked hard to bake those attitudes into the community from the start.

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There are a lot of reasons someone might choose a dance style.

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Hi Maya, It sounds like you have had a negative experience with Brazilian Zouk.

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The joy, thrill, and human connection I feel in zouk has nothing to do with romantic or sexual interest in my partners.

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When the song ends, all the normal rules of consent apply and are reset to zero.

To finish, here's a film taken at the New York World's Fair.

Speaking from the Jung point of view, where; depending on where we live the majority of our lives, if those who are the most artistic are honest and true with themselves above all else, then they can honestly answer that yes, dancing is a sexual and sensual activity,important to their daily creative, thoght provoking, inspiring, nuturing personal growth.

Yet, I choose to go dancing.

I think the evidence backs me up.

April 16, at 5:

To an outside spectator it had the same appearance as a couple of people grinding on each other at a club.

A partner that is happy at the end of the dance is the right Happy Ending for me: