Sex vivo. Statistics Golgi stained neurons from P28 brain sections were analyzed as described previously

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Conversely, women compared to men, show a reduced antibody-dependent cell-mediated 1011 and natural killer NK cell cytotoxicity 12

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The differential effects of estrogens plus antiandrogens vs.

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Univariate regression lines in pooled subjects are shown on logarithmic scales.

However, further analysis revealed subtle but significant sex differences in dendritic morphology of cortical neurons in vitro.

Mol Brain 810, doi:

Dendritic spine pathology in neuropsychiatric disorders.

Trends Cogn Sci 6—

However, detailed analysis of dendrite morphology between sexes is lacking for mouse models of juvenile development and for in vitro models of neurodevelopment, both of which are experimental models free jessica simpson sex tape used for investigating pathogenic mechanisms of and therapeutic strategies for NDDs