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The room was lavishly decorated with pink lights and a large circular table in the middle.

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Raped by a client, Min relates one of the most telling stories in this distressing book that offers scant hope — very few hostesses break out, move on and make it.

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On the way to Dongguan, the reporter began asking the driver about his profession.

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To understand the evolution of modern indonesia amateur sex and the place of historical red light districts in China, we need to first understand the history of prostitution in the country.

More than a slight contradiction to our current understanding of prostitution, once a girl began a sexual relationship, she would usually only entertain one gentleman at a time.

The mattress was filthy and she was looking pretty sad, so I made my excuses and we left.

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As long as men in China have most of the wealth and the distrubution disparty between the different classes are so large, this system will always exist.