Sex tourism and its effects. If you are working with a volunteer organization abroad, do your research and choose a reputable organization.

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There is no doubt that what is ever, the main purpose for sex tourism is economic situations in some developing countries such as Kenya, Thailand, Philippians and Caribbean islands, these countries where poverty is the main problems.

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Local communities who have a strong culture and a unique historical values and beliefs, these values can be alternative sources instead of sex trade and prostitution, I feel strongly that developing countries can reduce the trend of sex tourism by searching for another tourist activities, however, the reality gloryhole pawg that country such as Kenya where people struggle to find jobs, food, good education, and so on, it would be unrealistic to reduce or stop sex tourism, because of the majority of international tourists go there for this purpose, Cooper et al emphasised that in the recent time what is the newest ios update market of tourism has grown rapidly around sex tourism.

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Therefore some local people choose to work in sex tourism in order to offer some money for their family.


As a result to the expand of tourist resorts nearby local communities, therefore tourists and local people will definitely share a facilities such as the beach, public transport, restaurants, bars and nightclubs.