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Concubinage and reproduction served as incentives for importing female slaves often Europeanthough many were also imported mainly for performing household tasks.

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In Neolithic Europeexcavation of a Linear Pottery culture site at Asparn-SchletzAustriaunearthed the remains of numerous slain victims.

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Armed groups from various countries have done this too, although perhaps without the euphemism, choosing a group of individuals to use for repeated sexualized violence.

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I felt trained into it.

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Later that year she began to campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Lauren was also a "master" in DOS — and has admitted to keeping her own personal slave locked in a room for two years.

The ghostwriter, a kindly woman called Jane, sits with us, to provide reassurance.

At some point, Jak left and handed her over to another pimp called Christoph, who moved her around wherever the work might be — from hotel to brothel to private apartment.