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Anne wrote candidly in other parts of her diary about her burgeoning sexuality, her anatomy and her impending period.

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Note that within the model, the response to humor is divided into two distinct stages or components:

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The waiter placed a plate on the table and kept the man waiting for a long while.

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Jersey ATC air traffic control lost contact whilst it was flying at 2, feet.

Men relative to women showed stronger activation in the PHG during autobiographical memory retrieval of happy emotions Piefke et al.

Just two hours after Lee Dong Kil's daughter was born on New Year's Eve, the clock struck midnight, was ushered in, and the infant became 2-years-old.

John Downing:

The dPFC is involved in integrating and monitoring self-regulation, motivation dmPFCcognitive reappraisal and action selection dlPFC Forbes and Grafman,under 18 gay sex in facilitating the encoding of information through the use of context Maher et al.

Additionally, women showed greater activation in the OFC with BJs, whereas men showed little activation.

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As different types of jokes use different techniques, the corresponding humor processes also differ.