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The idea is to allow people to indulge their fantasies no matter dark or distasteful.

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Video games in general have always pandered to male fantasies afspraakjes sex because development teams are overwhelmingly male and audiences have traditionally been mostly male too.

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The person who said there's no "monster slaying" is completely wrong.

Bloodymare is a decent example of this, as it helps me to illustrate my second point:

I've seen every sort of genre from fantasy to sc fi, dragons to furries, super realistic modern to victorian and the old west.

Who knows, maybe someday soon all these dreams may become a reality.

The bubblegum pink virtual world of Hello Kitty Onlinestarring the mouthless Japanese feline and her animal friends, is more for tweens with Lisa Frank folders.

I haven't exactly been keeping an eye on the game and the modding scene for it so i wouldn't know.

No boobs, though.