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There are some benches, but not a ton of places to sit and rest, and those might be in even shorter supply when the park is very busy.

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I have never traveled kundli software in hindi because while I am privileged enough to be able to afford to upgrade to first class for a short flight, that may not be the case for an international flight.

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There are many people here who are more important than me in this priority boarding group, so I let them board first.

So movement, for me, is very much tied up in shame, guilt and anxiety around my weight.

I scan the other people waiting at the gate; each thin person is a potential aggressor, someone who may be disgusted and enraged by sitting next to me.

I never even drank water before a weigh-in.

Size oppression intersects with other oppressions.

I have never traveled far.

What do they know about my experience?

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