Sex genitics. But in females, where the Z chromosome does not recombine, the two alleles always pass to offspring together.

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The first half of this review presents the expectations for patterns of neutral diversity under equilibrium equal contributions of the sexes extended with how selection and demography can alter these expectations.

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Similar levels of X-linked and autosomal nucleotide variation in African and non-African populations of Drosophila melanogaster.

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In demon sex illustration with chromosomal sex determination, if the sex chromosomes are not highly differentiated from one another, meaning they are morphologically indistinguishable though there will be small genetic differencesthey are called homomorphic sex chromosomes.

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The closer together the linked genes are, the less likely it is that a recombination event will sex 24 between them.

Molecular Biology of the Cell.

The theory and observation that divergence on the X chromosome or Z chromosome is faster than corresponding divergence on the autosomes.

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Inference of sex-specific expansion patterns in human populations from Y-chromosome polymorphism.

Early on, it was apparent that there were notable differences in the mechanisms used for sex determination in birds and mammals.