Sex doesnt make me feel better. I felt him go in but that was it.

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Insert the right coinage, push the right buttons, and out pops an orgasm.

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Participants in the study had a vaginal photoplethysmograph, a device that muslim sex clips vaginal blood flow, inserted in them, and were shown porn created by both men and women.

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You may have less sexual desire during pregnancy, right after childbirth or when you are breastfeeding.

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And then we realize that our partner wasn't really there either.

I am a little insecure.

Please help.

That he's an asshole and a liar for cheating on you.

It can be exciting to work together to figure out where you like to be touched.

It lasts forever and has a wonderfully smooth, slippery texture.

Many guys are willfully ignorant about women's bodies — and they can avoid any direct conversation that exposes their stupidity.

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The reality is that having sex that feels good takes a lot of trial and error.