Sex devices to help injured persons. Sex vaginal bleeding identified common myths or limiting beliefs held by people with SCI Table 6 that impeded their process of sexual self-discovery 2526 and needed to be addressed through sexuality education and counseling.


After iatrogenic and confounding factors have been addressed, the clinician should consider beginning basic medications and therapies to treat sexual dysfunction.

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These come with emotional costs, too, risking the possibility of intimacy.

These can all be used for a large variety of people of different abilities and orientations, so do your research, and discover what is right for you and your partner.

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A urologist is the type of doctor that has specialized knowledge about erectile dysfunction.

Spasticity is known to interfere with sexual activity in some people with SCI.

Age-related prevalence of low testosterone in men with spinal cord injury.

Sexual arousal and orgasm in women:

For more information about sexual aides and devices, request a copy of the Patient Education Document: