Sex changes and autogynephilia. Library Recommendation.

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Those, of course, can acquire female genitalia via surgery.

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They also deemphasize the erotic component, even if they admitted it before.

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For example, a fairly common AGP sexual fantasy is for a man to imagine oneself as a nude woman.

Most tolerate changing:

It becomes even more painful, if you are also born into poverty or addiction in the US, without health insurance.

This prevents the development of Secondary Sex Characteristics, like breast development, hair growth, or voice changes.

OK, we know most transvestites are men… so most autogynephilics are men?

The nintento sex of autogynephilia defines a typology of MtF transsexualism and offers a theory of motivation for one type of MtF transsexualism.

Also, there is a real tension between achieving autogynephilic goals and maintaining conventional romantic relationships.

To what degree do I think the male-to-female transgender experience can be divided into these two types—androphilic and autogynephilic?

He is, more importantly, the proud Father of 2 beautiful Daughters.