Sex bolsters victorian brothels. The new laws in Britain, prompted as we have seen by the social purists, put paid to that view.

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These are usually highly emotive responses intended to whip up political and legislative support for their anti-prostitution sentiments.

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But the pressure mounted in the 20th century, especially following hysteria over the assumed "white slavery" of Europe and Asia.

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Feminists pitch their tents on both sides of the fence in the sex work debate.

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Noted indoor venues include strip clubs, massage parlours, health clubs, nail salons, restaurants, warehouses, and even mobile trailers that enable brothel owners to move from place to place.

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Worden, Cape Town in the Twentieth Century:

The imagery associated with the victim was that of an innocent 25 Bhattacharya, op.

Although prostitution has remained condemned in Christian theology almost since the foundation of the Church, remarkably there have been long periods of Church tolerance in Christian societies throughout history.