Sex and violence that. I'd certainly recommend it for its audience and beyond for what it brings to the table, especially in progressive conversations about its themes.

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Some parts were enjoyable, but i was very disappointed, overall, and all the gushing reviews leave me perplexed.

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And I'd never quite made the connection in this way until this book.

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The result is a compulsively readable emotional journey that turns the tables on that fuzzy line between victim and perpetrator.

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His dad has him constantly moving around the country since his mother passed away and he knows how to get the girls to drop their panties.

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The boom of the Roaring Twenties gave black Americans and young sex pictues whites new spending power and provided consumer goods to a generation of women, who wanted to be as socially, even sexually, liberated as men.

While I was reading I though to myself.

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The pacing was super weird, too.

It is usually believed that the anti-sex, anti-violence Code was harmful to art, intellectually unsophisticated, imposed from above and un-American in its disregard for First Amendment Interracial hard sex.