Sex and spirituality. It has many sides, including sexiness.

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For more complex issues such as fear of intimacy, reach out to a therapist or a friend for insight.

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The World Health Organization estimates that at least a hundred million acts of intercourse take place each day worldwide.

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Being a Christian myself, the topic pocked my interest, and thus prompted this piece.

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The sexual urge derives its strength from the body and our german mom sex, and by itself is not powerful enough to lift us to new levels of conscious awareness.

You encounter the bliss of the transcendent.

When you habitually hide your feelings, you waste time and opportunities for closeness.

Robert Peng was born and raised in Hunan province, China, where he uncommon sex organs Qigong and martial arts master Xiao Yao and trained with him intensively in the Qigong tradition.

We stand firm in both our female and male energies, and that plays out in our lovemaking.