Same sex marriage would harm family. Children raised by same-sex parents do better when they are living in a city or country that is more socially progressive and accepting of homosexuality.

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If gays want accept from heterosexuals they better stop the hatred they display.

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On this question of emotional development, sociologist David Popenoe states the obvious:

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There is only 1 type of marriage that makes natural sense.

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We cannot harm these children for no valid reason.

Marriage is a sexual union, otherwise we would call it friendship or a business partnership.

She has the right to look up and see the only two faces on earth that reflect her own:

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For instance, same-sex couples usually face the burden of proof complexities required by institutions in order to avail erotic sex porn tube their services and this complicates the lives of members in cases of interpersonal or family conflict, affecting their psychological well-being.