Rules of playing hard to get. Post Comment.

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Some men say they are turned off by women who "play games.

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I always pleasantly smile everyone that I meet and have decent talks.

Does playing hard to get turn them off?

Really take interest in those people.

Is he the star of the party or does he shy away from the social?

Now, after much thought of how to get through to this girl, I have given up.

I try to talk to her on messenger and even offer to meet her in the cafeteria, but she cuts me off, calling me a some random person.

Guys may get frustrated when they have to put up with girls who play hard to get, but they too, would accept that they like it when girls play hard to get.

Of course, accept that sometimes a spontaneous date can be romantic and fun, but that's not the main subject of this article.

The results show that those seeking a long term relationship had a better success rate when playing hard to get.