Recurrent bladder infections after sex. Behavioral changes can affect the frequency of UTI recurrence.

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Shah adds, explaining that these activities can inadvertently spread bacteria from your anus into the opening of your urethra, where it can cause an infection.

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According to the Mayo Cliniclow-dose antibiotics for six months or longer are a recommended treatment for recurrent UTIs.

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Your bowel habits may put you at a greater risk of UTIs.

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It is most common in younger women who are just starting to have sex or for anyone just entering a new sexual relationship.

Burning, frequent urination, and pain in the lower belly area, can also be a sign of a sexually transmitted infection STI such as Chlamydia.

Common symptoms include a strong urge to urinate, and frequent urination in small amounts, often accompanied by a burning sensation.

Does this woman have an acute uncomplicated urinary tract infection?

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I take it after sex and the next morning.