Psychology of swinging and sex clubs. How swingers felt towards their swinging activities, what rationale was given for engaging in swinging, and what types of sexual behaviors were common to the swinging sexual context.

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In modern western culture we are sophisticated enough to understand that some things happen to our bodies when we participate in the sex act, particularly when we climax.

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However, for the most part, only women were expected to restrict their sexual activity to one man, their husband.

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One could ask, does the expected couple's exclusivity of the sexual movie sex sene play a role in the experience of commitment and satisfaction of individuals in the relationship?

Block, J.

In a recent article affair neighbor sex the sexual arousal and motivation of men, Goetz, Shackelford, Platek, Starrat, and McKibbin posited that some married males encourage their partners to copulate with other males.

The second section included questions designed to ascertain the swinging attitudes, experiences, and behaviors of the participants.

They defined sexual dissatisfaction as a measure of lack of interest with the repertoire of the sexual behaviors that the respondents engaged in during their sexual activities.