Preverted sex acts. I believe you are.

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This page is very much in a state of building, but this will be a comprehensive listing of every fun sex or sex-related term Leeds sex can find.

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Lacan had early highlighted "the ambivalence proper to the 'partial drives' of scoptophilia, sadomasochism

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A sexual act in which one partner defecates on the chest of the other partner then sits down in it, rocking back and forth.

Only psychotherapy can modify the pathological element of a perverted personality.

Because really, what could be sexier than a giant turd?

These people get turned on by being spoonfed, having their diapers changed, and sleeping in cribs.

A variation of the blumpkin in which a woman receives cunnilingus while defecating.

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BDSM practices may require painful and risky stimulation carried out with extreme care.

So, let me ask again, are you a pervert?

If you can only get off by watching someone cry, you are consumed by Dacryphilia.