Pre adult sex. Early adolescent cognitions about sexual abstinence.

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Psychology of Women Quarterly.

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The rich behavioral effects induced by cVA in male and female flies have become the focus of a series of neurobiological studies that have begun to reveal the neuronal circuitry involved.

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Adherence related to on-demand use during sex was mentioned as a factor for why rectal forms were not a preferred form of HIV prevention.

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Arch Sex Behav.

It's just in case you forget your pill.

Indiana University Press;

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We assessed on-demand oral and LAI PrEP acceptability, defined as willing to use, and concerns with use of both [ 27303238 ].

The following information was supplied regarding data availability:.

Development of sexuality starts as early as in intrauterine life following conception and continues through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood till death.