Poem to my unborn son. There is a bit of sleeplessness, That is because of happiness Of nurturing a new life within, Of all the new dreams of tomorrow This state is the happiest one, Little pain but lots of fun, Pregnancy is the best phase!

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I knew that the days would turn to weeks, and the weeks in turn to months, and before long we would be knee deep into our new lives as parents.

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I feel your movements every time I wake each day, letting mommy know that you're okay, obstacles I hope you'll overcome, education I know you'll get done, I stay up late reading to you, talking to my stomach, a ordinary people sex I never knew, hungry all the time 'No doubt you're a son of mine', You make me feel happy even when I'm sad, because the formation of another life makes me glad.

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There was no turning back now.

Evidence of Paradise Evidence of paradise Veils its rainbowed wings, Enters life like one of us, Like spirit wrapped in things.