Oblation run tumblr. However, our ticket sales were not going very well, extraordinary measures had to be taken.

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But planning and execution still had to be extremely precise, and the run could not be publicized until the last minute so as not to alert the authorities.

He related to me with deep intellectual excitement his conversations with the top experts in the field, the interventions that had shown the most promise at combating alcoholism, his developing theories about what types of policy changes might be most politically feasible.

I have always wanted to travel to as many places as I can.

We were almost finished with an experiment in Chem 14 when suddenly loud shrieks were heard from waaaay down in the GAB Caf.

The run was more than just a showcase of body parts but a way to emulate how a UP student should be like - bold but critical and always willing to do extreme measures to fight for rights and correct crookedness.