Nova why sex summary. Even today, many children born with healthy but ambiguous genitalia--that is, intersexual--are subjected to unnecessary genital surgery as infants, meant to impose a certain gender upon them.

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Over time, they've taken on traditionally male characteristics.

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Some sperm are even shown trying to fertilize ordinary body cells that have been mistaken for the egg.

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The sound of fetal respiration, a kind of cyclic sucking, is heard as the fetus takes in amniotic oral sex preparation through its mouth and then releases it.

We accompany Vrijenhoek as he conducts research on minnows that inhabit small streams in Sonora, Mexico.

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The process plays a critical role in our daily lives, yet it is one of the most overlooked -- and misunderstood -- concepts ever described.

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Humans, we are told, are the only species that will care for biologically unrelated children over the long term.

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Recognizing the incredible complexity of such a cascade of events, Miracle once again turns to the micro—the DNA—to explain the macro—the formation of a complex organism.